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Education is needed ~  Love is essential ~  Dedication  is required
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2015  First Annual Invitational Fundraiser

Firstly, we want to thank ALL our wonderful volunteers for all their hard work and dedication that they have put forth for these magnificent horses we all love so dearly.

Then we owe a great deal of gratitude and love to all the clinicians who gave their time and knowledge, free of charge to all of our guests & US!

And last but certainly not least ... All of our guests!!   You came , you saw and hopefully you all took something away with you that will forever touch your hearts.

​Jacob Bliss & Bethany Costa .... Shopping , Cooks 
Ruth Leinhos ... Clean up,   Sales Table
Noel Sylvia ... Daily waterer, Gate Keeper

Briahnna Leinhos & Barbara Bliss ... anything not covered
Not that we want credit ... We don't, but we are volunteers, just like everyone else here & we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Kelsey Viera  ...paddocks
Naomi Baggelman ... paddocks

Laurie Covino ... Sunshine & Saddles Photography 
Kathleen McGaughlin ... KDM Photography                               

And the one person who truly makes this all possible, for without his love & support, physically, monetarily and emotionally.... this rescue would not exist. Thank you Butch. <3

Geoff Goodson of GG Natural Horsemanship .... came in 8th all around in this past  EMM competition and brought his mare Stella home! 
Gwenyth Santagate of Penzance Equine Integrative Solutions  .... on the board of directors, Equine Behaboralist and Clicker Trainer with many, many success stories. 
Lori Maciulewicz of Hideway Farm .... Certified Horsemans Association Instructor, Centered Riding 

​We can't list all of you, but you know who you are and how very precious you all are to us.   We couldn't even begin to make adifference without your support and positive energy.  You make our love of the horses that much more gratifying. Just knowing there are people like you out there who love them as much as us and want to be better horsemen and woman, for the sake of their trusty four legged friends.  Thank you.