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Chief...the horse behind it all. ♥♥
Starting out as a breeding farm for Foundation Appaloosas and quickly transitioning over to saving horses who had no choice in where they ended up.

It all started in 2006 and we have never looked back. One unwanted little colt, a few bad dealings with less than honest horse people, and we were off to the never-ending journey into rescue.

Although, on a more positive note, my dealings with buying my stallion and a wonderful foundation mare from 2 separate foundation breeders, was the greatest experience anyone could ask for.

It is what transpired from then on, with other 'horse people' that was not good on one hand, but on yet another ... it was fate.

When ones eyes are opened to what really goes on, one can never look away. 

So, let's fast forward to early 2012, when 2 Hearts was not even a thought.

Very early one morning..I received a message from a fellow female equine rescuer, along with the below photo, I responded, not really knowing how it was all going to turn out.

                                     With many emails, trials and ran it's course...

                                       ...and it turned out exactly how it was suppose to be.

Me contracting the hauling of a older Mustang gelding that had already had human contact, to travel from Burns,OR to NV for additional handling and vet work.

​His human, at the time, truly loving this horse, but knowing he needed more, and in that she offered him up for free to a good home and it was love at first sight for me. I went in with no expectations and she believed in me. I couldn't have ask for much else and then she let me know that I was the one to have the honor of this boys presence in my life.

Chief is his name and what an amazing boy he is. He is a Mustang gelding out of Oregon with the will and amazing softness that you only see every so often.

As he made his trip from Oregon to Nevada for the training to ease his 2800+ mile journey, and finally onto the Northeast coast to find his way home, I always knew how special that first moment was; how truly special he is and how special his previous human is to have entrusted me with her horse to whom she was surely committed to.

I don't think either of us knew, nor the people who are closest to me, that the road was to lead to where we are right now.

He is the energy behind Two Hearts ... the inspiration to help those Mustangs who need a hand after adoption and just don't seem to find the human with whom they're suppose to be with.

And so the journey began ... and it shall continue until we find ourselves unable to make a positive impact on the lives of those searching.

May we all find where we are supposed to be ... with a little luck, a lot of faith and the courage to persevere.

Follow your heart and may it lead you here. ♥
Barbara Bliss 
Bethany Costa
Board Member
Gwenyth Santagate
Board Member
Briahnna Leinhos
Board Member
Chief Two Hearts
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