Two Hearts Mustang Wellness Center, Inc.
Education is needed ~  Love is essential ~  Dedication  is required
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Our Beautiful Herd 
Wild and Domestic ... needing a human of their very own. 
Horses come and go, but are never forgotten.  Meet our wonderful four legged friends who have come to us for a little bit of help, a whole lot of love and in some cases, just a security blanket in the form of a safe, contractual future. 

****All horses that are adopted through us cannot be soldtradedauctionedleasedbred or used for monetary gain.  
They have been through enough and deserve a loving, trusting and compassionate partner in their new lives.

They are property (for lack of better word) of this rescue and shall be returned to  us for any contractual infraction, abuse/neglect, and/or -  if their new human can no longer keep them for personal reasons.
REDHAWK ~ "Red"  
15.3HH Sorrel Mustang Gelding  ---Titled Mustang
5 yo out of South Steens HMA  in OR

Red just arrived here but comes with many days of training.  He sustained an injury to a coffin bone, but has since mended nicely.  
He has been reported to have an issue being backed, causing him to buck.  As we work with him to gain his trust and build some confidence, we will hopefully diminish his need to buck. 
FYI:  You cannot purchase, adopt or receive a Mustang from any person without proof of documentation. If they do not have a hard copy of Title, they must provide you with something from the BLM stating that that horse has in fact been titled at some point in its life....and you must then contact the BLM to verify the information before you can take possession of said horse.
14.1HH  Dark Buckskin Gelding  -- Titled Mustang
9 yo out of Bible Springs HMA in UTAH

RJ is a very sweet boy with the potential to be a wonderful partner to the right person.  His flight instinct has been magnified by previous incidents in his life, but he is coming along nicely.
He needs a  patient, non-aggressive human to guide him into a new life.

Moon Doggie ~ "Moon"
14HH  POA  Gelding -- Unreg. Domestic
Approx. 10 Years old

Moon is friendly, people oriented and gets along well with all horses, donkeys and cattle. 

Very  foundation Appy in appearance. Was gelded as a 6yo  after purchase from an auction  as a stud in very poor health. 

Moonie would make a great child's or small adults  horse with training.  

He has been saddled, bitted and mounted on a few occasions.  Needs miles and more handling. 
Red would like his very own sponsor  or adopter!! 

Such a wonderful boy. 
Here he is at TSC 04/2015

Give Me Liberty ~ "Libby"
17HH Spotted Draft Mare -- Unreg. Domestic
Approx. 10yo

Very sweet, gentle,full bodied mare. 
Purchased off KB through defunct rescue. 
Libby needs a buddy, dominant in the herd and an easy keeper. NO GRAIN. 
She loves attention and to be loved on.
Can be food aggressive w/other horses if not fed correctly. 
Leads, loads, trims, vets without issue.
Needs training for saddle and/or driving. 


SPICE ....  4yo black blanketed Appaloosa filly.

SUNDANCE ....  9yo sorrel Arappaloosa gelding.

GINGER .... Coming 11yo few spot POA mare.

A wonderful little mare that rides.  Previous owner supplied photos of her driving as well. *We do not have driving equipment to verify that fact. 

Ginger came from a local auction after passing through as many as 3 others in the Midwest,in her previous year(s).  

She is extremely stocky and approx. 13.2-3HH.  A bit head shy, but with continual handling, she should overcome that small vice. 

*Leads, Loads, Bathes, Vets, Trims

Very nice POA pony for an intermediate child/small adult.

Mariah has arrived for training and placement
**non branded Mustang**


9yo Black and White Paint mare out of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. 14.1HH, ground trained (?).   

Will be evaluated, continued in her training.  Will be made available to Natural Horsemanship home only.

More info will be posted when time permits.

GELDED 9/3/15
​LVR Apache Beartrak

Triple Registered Foundation Appaloosa

Gelding, DOB 6/20/98

15.2HH, approx. 1100#'s
Professionally trained, but suffers from PTSD and needs a qualified person to be consistent in handling.

Sundance - "Sunny"

DOB 4/15/06
15HH Arappaloosa
Very smart, stocky and sweet.
Needs training. 
Dominant in a herd, gets along well with all animals.

DOB 2001
Sweet mare, dominant in herd,but gets along well with others.  Going to get taller and very rugged. 
Needs training. 
KODA   -- BLM Branded Mustang (clear title)
Born in 2006  in the Wilson Creek HMA
Stands  14-14.1HH , stocky build
Gelded on 9/3/15 

Needs ground and future saddle work.