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Education is needed ~  Love is essential ~  Dedication  is required
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How to Adopt 

Here are a few simple steps to adopting from or through us here at 2Hearts.

1. Find a horse in our listings or inquire for a specific one you may be interested in adopting.

2. Fill out the Adoption Application linked on this page.

3. Fill our the Contract linked on this page.

4. Please mail back to us with an original signature, if  you have sent it via email/fax. 

**Please read this application and contract prior to contacting us about a horse.  Please fill out the application to the best of your ability.  If the contract does not appeal to you, we are deeply sorry, but horses must be placed with a contract to ensure their future and that they always have a safe place to land in the case of a life curve ball.
We have an obligation, 1st to the horse and 2nd to our donors to ensure the safety and well being of each animal adopted out. 
If you feel that our contract is something you cannot adhere to, please do not apply. 

Thank you all very much for considering one of our rescued horses, donkeys, minis and mules.  
Especially for taking an interest in our heart horses...the Mustangs! <3

Contract at a glance:
- Horse cannot be sold, leased , given away, traded, sent to auction.
- Horse cannot be bred
- Horse cannot be used for monetary gain 
- Adopter may return horse to rescue at any point in the horse's life
- Visual & written updates in the first year & an initial farm inspection
Interested in fostering a horse??

1) Fill out adoption application (same questions apply whether fostering or adopting). Email, mail or fax it back to us for approval
2) Read & sign our fostering contract (right) 

Fosters are possibly eligible for a tax deduction at the end of the year upon approval.

***100 mile adoption radius

$300 adoption fee for Pasture Pet and/or  Small untrained pony or miniature

$500+ adoption fee for green broke, handled mini's, ponies and horses. 

$1000+ adoption fee for trained mini's, ponies or horses.

Does not include haul to and from. 

FYI:  We will not be accepting any adoption 
applications until further notice. Any applications on file and/or not approved, are now null and void. 

Contracts that were finalized to this date are to be honored by all parties involved. (7/5/17)

We exist for the betterment of the horse, and our contracts and applications shall exemplify that goal.