Two Hearts Mustang Wellness Center, Inc.
Education is needed ~  Love is essential ~  Dedication  is required
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​We will supply the drop off site for a group haul. 
Contract and Waiver required  as well as a $25 donation to our rescue that will cover expenses to make this service available.

$ 100 Deposit to reserve spot on haul

30 day notice of cancellation by you or you forfeit your deposit

Deposit will be applied to the haul balance once secured and dates are supplied

**We have had too many people back out leaving the other adopters holding the cost because there was not enough time to fill the load, thus the deposit requirement.

**We incur expenses that take away from our regular rescue expenses and may add to them. So we require a $25 donation to help cover these expenditures. 
Two Hearts Mustang Wellness Center, Inc. Services

education, hands on learning
incentive program ~
**see attached page under Services**

*some of the above services may be done in conjunction with another equine service provider.
Adoption **offered ONLY to homes that put the interests of the horse above all else. 

We offer our 'saved' horses to selective homes *(within 150 mile radius). Homes that can provide and that are also willing to make the horse a priority...not "just what the horse can do for you" type home, but a home that wants to give just as much back to the horse.

1. Find your potential partner

2. Fill out an adoptions application

3. Come visit ... get acquainted

Steps 4-6 are only applicable if adoption is finalized.

4. Pay adoption fee

5. Arrange for HC & Haul.

6. Begin your journey.

** We highly recommend that you come visit with the prospective horse to make sure they are a match for you & you to them.

We decided to offer this as an option to adoption for those who just don't have the time needed to care for a horse of their very own. Or they just want to help in another way and are not ready for that commitment.

You now have the option to lease/sponsor a particular horse or horses and work with them, as well as bond and become friends. 

If you choose to only sponsor the horse from afar, that is a great help too. You will get updates and periodicals, as well as pictures of the sponsored pony, and if you are close by, hands on priviledges.

The cost is based on the horses feed and care needs.

We offer this in hopes that one day, either you, or someone else can adopt them and they will be ready for the transition.
Clicker Training

We use clicker training, in conjunction with Natural Horsemanship methods for our daily handling sessions.

As you know, most animals are food driven. The horse is no exception.

We feel by using the clicker along with body language, is one of the best forms to helping the horse know exactly when they are giving us what we are asking for. This in turn lessens the communication failure that happens so often between human and horse.

Each horse is different, but they all have one thing in common, the love of reward. Positive reinforcement is an enhancer and encourages the horse to want to be part of the tasks at hand.

Group Adoption Haul ~ Northeast 
Homeopathy, Herbs & Diet

Since we are a natural facility and practice natural life as a whole, we prefer to use homeopathy, herbs and diet as our means to a whole health lifestyle, both for human and horse.

Be sure to know that when traditional methods are needed and required, we will do what is absolutely necessary.

So, when in doubt, call your veternarian or health care provider, as we do.